Sliabh Beagh, County Monaghan

Sliabh Beagh, County Monaghan

Join local guide Martin Connolly as he explores his local area around the Slieve Beagh mountains.

Sliabh Beagh, County Monaghan
  • Martin Connolly, Knockatallon, County Monaghan

    Martin Connolly of Sliabh Beagh Adventures introduces Sliabh Beagh as a Special Area of Conservation in northern County Monaghan.

    Visit to enjoy hill walking, cycling, team and adventure sports with Sliabh Beagh Adventures for your next staycation.

  • Sliabh Beagh East, Knockatallon, County Monaghan

    Explore the former shooting grounds of Lord Rossmore which are now protected habitats for birds such as the Hen Harrier, red grouse, Golden Plover, and skylarks which you can probably see and hear on your journey across the upland heath.

    These lands are also a Special Area of Conservation host ...

  • Rock Bridge, Barratitoppy Upper, Knockatallon, County Monaghan

    Rest by a mountain stream that flows into the valley to become the River Blackwater.

  • An Tra Walk, Knocknaearla, County Monaghan

    Take this family-friendly walk from Knockatallon along a country bohreen, through Coillte forestry tracks, and out onto open moorland and blanket peat bog to An Tra lake near the top of the Sliabh Beagh mountains.

  • River Blackwater, Ballinode, County Monaghan

    Enjoy this scenic viewpoint looking over the River Blackwater in Ballinode village, County Monaghan.

  • Esh Walk, Knockballyroney, County Monaghan

    Take the short, family-friendly walk through An Coillte planted mono-species forestry towards the mass rock where Mass was celebrated during penal times. It was during these times that being Catholic was outlawed by the English reformation in the 17th Century.

  • Penal Cross, Eshmore, County Monaghan

    Commemorate those who suffered under the Penal laws of the 16th and 17th Century in Ireland.