South Wexford Coast, County Wexford

South Wexford Coast, County Wexford

In this collection of Trek Ireland™ walking workout videos, you'll explore Saltee Island Great, which lies 5 miles offshore from the coastal port of Kilmore Quay, County Wexford.

Once on the island, local guide and naturalist Jim Hurley describes the local flora and fauna as you walk away the pounds through wildflower meadows and stunning sheer clifftop ledges. Enjoy this indoor virtual walking video of protected Grey Seal and European Gannet colonies in one of Ireland's Special Areas of Conservation (SAC).

Onshore, our next walk-at-home video explores Tintern Abbey Minor—a medieval abbey with walled gardens, rivers, and woodland walks. Here, local guide Jim Hurley describes the dramatic voyage of Anglo-Norman Knight William Marshall when he arrives in Ireland in the 13th Century AD. Enjoy this beautiful daily walk-at-home video through one of Ireland's nationally protected heritage sites in early Spring.

Further along the coast, you can burn off the calories during a 1+ mile, pre-Christian walking pilgrimage trail around Lady's Island Lake—once the home to a pagan Celtic female druidic settlement—established in Roman times of the 2nd Century AD. The last in this series of indoor walk-in-place videos explore the protected dune systems at Ballyteige Burrow down by the shores of the Irish Sea.

Trek Ireland guided virtual tours show scenic viewpoints to relax and enjoy between each virtual walking tour. Warm up, stretch, or cool down to naturally calm scenes at Kilmore Quay, County Wexford's premier fishing port, or imagine the arrival of the Anglo-Norman naval ships, in 1170AD, at the peaceful and evocative beach of Bagibun Head, where the conquest of Ireland truly begun.

Finally, take in the expansive views of the Irish Sea at Carnsore Point known as a place of Drudic worship from early Roman times called 'Ιερονm' meaning 'a sacred promontory'.

Trek Ireland's indoor walking workout videos allow you to explore Ireland from the comfort of your own home. Discover Ireland's vibrant history, heritage, and folklore as if you were there yourself with local friendly guides.

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South Wexford Coast, County Wexford
  • Jim Hurley, Hook Head, County Wexford

    Jim Hurley is a natural heritage guide and retired school teacher living on the South Wexford coast. He derives great pleasure and inspiration from his interaction with the natural world in that wonderful coastal amenity and, under the brand name SWC Promotions, he conducts a personal campaign to...

  • Ballyteige Burrow, Kilmore, County Wexford

    Explore Ballyteige Burrow, and surrounding lands, as a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in Trek Ireland in South Weford Coast guided virtual tour series.

    This area is famously known as 'The Sunny South-East' as it receives the most amount of bright sunshine anywhere in Ireland. Wi...

  • Kilmore Quay, Kilmore, County Wexford

    Kilmore Quay, the premier working fishing port of South Wexford, is a bustling, working fishing port that hosts a range of amenities including restaurants, cafes, pubs, and holiday accommodation. It's a popular spot for day-trippers to the Saltee Islands and for those wishing to swim off the gold...

  • Saltee Island Great, Kilmore, County Wexford

    Explore Saltee Island Great with natural heritage guide, Jim Hurley, as part of the Trek Ireland in South Weford Coast guided virtual tour series.

    Saltee Island Great offers visitors an unparalleled experience of natural island habitat featuring rocky reefs, natural grassland, and exposed rocky...

  • Baginbun Head, Fethard-on-Sea, County Wexford

    'At the creek of Baginbun, Ireland was lost and won.'

    In the year of our Lord 1170 a small number of Anglo-Norman Knights landed at Baginbun Head, at the request of Irishman Diarmait Mac Murchadha, the recently-demoted King of Leinster by then High King of Ireland, Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair, and so ...

  • Tintern Abbey, Saltmills, New Ross, County Wexford

    This 2-mile walk at home indoor workout explores Tintern Abbey Minor medieval abbey with walled gardens, as part of the Trek Ireland in South Weford Coast guided virtual tour series.

    In 1200AD, William Marshall, 1st Earl of Pembroke in Wales and a famous Anglo-Norman Knight, was traveling acros...

  • Carnsore Point, Carna, County Wexford

    The earliest known reference of Carnsore Point was by a 2nd Century Roman cartographer Ptolemy who called this place Ιερονm, meaning 'a sacred promontory'. This probably refers to the sacred pilgrimage...

  • Lady's Island Lake, Broadway, County Wexford

    This 1-mile walk in place video covers the ancient pilgrimage route of Lady's Island as part of the Trek Ireland in South Weford Coast guided virtual walking tour series.

    In 150AD, Greek cartographer Caludius Ptolemaeus created his first world atlas and, although very little was known of Irela...